Frequently Asked Questions

The Second School is a complete online school management system. We help schools in managing & enhancing their Student Attendance, Information, and Admissions along with other informatio all at one place which is readily available at all times. We provide learning management systems to on-ground institutions in order to transform them from offline to online. It is a one-stop solution for all aspects of school administration processes, such as admissions, academic management, staff management, and attendance and many more aspects related to day to day smooth functioning of a school.

Yes, it is suitable for all schools as online school management can be easily personalised as per one's requirement and you can choose the features based on your needs. For example, if you currently have a management system and only need to add a few features like online payment gateway, administration management, student information, administration etc then you can contact us and we can change it accordingly.

The second school has an entire online school management system for managing schools. Because we offer a seamless connection and continuous learning and administration solutions for the on-ground schools, you can manage your school with ease at all times.

Our charges are feature-based, you only pay for the features you choose. We assure you that the services and features will be every worth you spend.

We accept bank transfer payments online.

Yes, you can change or upgrade your plan as per your requirement.

When choosing the school ERP, you must be aware of all the factors.

  • School ERP Software to Meet the Needs of Stakeholders
  • ERP Software with Flexibility
  • Complete Student Data Security
  • Dependable EdTech Support
  • Scalability for Sustenance
  • A user-friendly school ERP platform And, in light of everything mentioned above, we provide the best school management system.

A School ERP is a great way to keep things simple and organised.Keeping track of your children and all that occurs at school can take a lot of space and time.

An School ERP can help you manage your school's operations and make them more efficient and productive. The school management system can automate operations like Attendance management, Online Fee Payment, Admin record, staff management, Notes/assignment board etc as there are endless features that you can add to it depending on your specific needs.